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(for all types of filters up to 13.5" high & 9.75" diameter) This is a combo model that can crush all filters-auto to large filters in one crusher, so big savings! See study comparing the top crusher suppliers (below)
Manufacturer part number: MAGTC100

 Magnum Force™ "Truck" Oil Filter Crusher
   Model TC100

(For crushing ALL types of oil filters up to 13.5" high & 9.75" diameter - automotive, off-road, construction, industrial, etc.)

Can ALSO crush smaller (auto-sized filters) with our Adaptor plate insert, so you can get a "2-in-1" crusher!.

*FREE SHIPPING! within contiguous US. A BIG savings since this crusher weighs 630 lbs!

Since we are the manufacturer, we have all the parts available and provide whatever followup service may be needed.



    • Fast! 10-15 second Cycle time
    • Crushes filters down to 1/4 to 1/5 of original size
    • Air-powered (pneumatic) using regular shop air
    • Meets all EPA & other environmental requirements
    • Crushing force of 49,000 lbs
    • Removes approximately 95% of excess oil
    • Little or no maintenance
    • Only 3 moving parts
    • Quiet to operate
    • Safety interlock - operation is prohibited if the door is open
    • Patented pivoting door design doesn't allow oil to drip on the floor when loading or retrieving filter from crusher unit
    • No need to pre-drain filters
    • Oil drains cleanly from bottom of crusher into your container or through a hose you can attach to our fitting under the crusher
    • No electrical components
    • Simple air hook-up
    • 12 month warranty
    • Comes with floor stand
    • Air filter included
    • Fully tested
    • For also crushing smaller oil filters, an adaptor plate insert is available(click here) for only $90


Review Comparison of Major Companies who Sell Oil Filter Crushers

  *Rankings are based on combined ratings of all companies, using the first 5 columns.



  1.        OilFilterCrushers/Magnum Force provides Free Shipping within the contiguous US. This is a considerable saving to customers given the heavy, solid weight of our crushers. This typically averages a savings of $200 (so in effect, our net cost of our crusher is only $2496 (vs the total $2696 quoted price), compared with our competitors who dont provide free shipping.
  2.        We also include a stand as standard equipment with the purchase, which is important given the size of our crusher (600 lbs). Since other manufacturers may work with various suppliers, its not clear whether a stand is included in their price.
  3.        Our sales approach is intended to be simple & easy for our customers. Since we are the manufacturer & deal directly with our customers, you don’t have to pay any dealer markups & we show our prices upfront, saving you the typical hassle of dealing with various oil filter crusher suppliers who dont how their prices, have different policies re shipping costs, whether a stand is included, other extras that may be needed, when their crusher may be available etc
  4.        Crusher pressure for air (pneumatic) were rated at 120 psi for comparability in this table, since some manufactures cite higher crushing forces by elevating the psi (Since the crushing force is directly proportional to the psi used, competitors can double their specs for crushing force by doubling the psi - some use up to 200 psi for measring their force, making it artificially stronger. 


Study conducted by Information & research Service who for 30 years has done studies nationwide. 

(Additional emphasis: has by far the lowest price because they sell Factory-Direct since they are the manufacturer.)

COMPANY$ PriceCrushing Force (Tons)Cycle Time (Secs)Weight (lbs)Max Filter Height (inches)Power SourceStand IncludedRANK

BJ Enterprises (TT12)

4249 12 23 535 17 Air Yes
Ben Pearson (Crushmaster2) 3957 19 12 479 13 Electric /hydarulic No 3

Gray (GP160)

2933 7 50 325 16 Air No 9

Herkules (OFC4)

4769 18 45 700 30 Air Yes 6
John Dow (HDC150) 3892 15 30 158 13 Air /hudraulic No 9
Oberg (P200L) 5080 16 35 700 16 Air /hydraulic Yes 7
OilFilterCrushers (TC100) 2696 25 10-15 600 13.5 Air Yes 1
OTC (1877) 3151 25 80 242 12.5 Air / hydraulic Yes 4
Tire Service (TC15) 3850 19 23 600 16 Electric/ /hydraulic Yes 2
Uniram (UFC850C) 4199 7 30 770 16 Air Yes 4

Buying Tips

When deciding to purchase a truck oil filter crusher, you need to make sure it is very capable of handling truck oil filters. Care is needed because there are lower quality, inferior crushers on the market.

A useful way to evaluate truck oil filter crushers is to check out its crushing force and weight. This will indicate the crusher’s ability to provide trouble-free, long lasting performance as well as quick, efficient operation.

Some models on the market weigh only 150 lbs and provide less than 20,000 lbs of crushing force. In contrast, Magnum Force crushers weigh 630 lbs and have 49,000 lbs of crushing force, providing a quick crushing time of 10-15 seconds.

It’s also important to check out shipping charges, which can be substantial due to the weight of truck oil filter crushers. Magnum Force Oil Filter Crushers are shipped FREE of charge - offering you the lowest priced filter crushers on the Internet! By choosing a Magnum crusher, you can feel confident you’ve made the best decision.



Overall Height
Overall Width
Overall Depth
Chamber Size 

13.5" high x 9.75" Square

Shipping Weight
620 lbs

Cycle Time
10-15 Seconds
Pneumatic Power
120 PSI Air Pressure
Crushing Force
49,000 lbs

Crushed Result

1/4 to 1/5 of original size 
Removes approx. 95% of oil 

12 months




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