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Manufacturer part number: MAGEX305

Convert your Truck or ExtraLarge filter crusher to a "Combo Crusher" Use steel plate to insert into the filter crusher to crush smaller filters. Since the truck/extra large oil filter crusher is designed to crush larger filters , it doesn't fully crush smaller (e.g. auto filters). The plate insert will further crush the smaller filters down to the same 75-80% proportion. Easy to insert for crushing smaller filters & easy to remove for normal crushing of larger filters. NOTE: To purchase plate along with a truck or ExtraLarge oil filter crusher, first add the filter crusher to your cart (click"Purchase" button) and after adding the crusher to your cart, the "Check Out" page will allow you to "click here" to add the plate to your order. If you just want to order the plate ONLY, click on the add to cart button below.

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(for all types of filters up to 13.5" high & 9.75" diameter) This is a combo model that can crush all filters-auto to large filters in one crusher, so big savings! See study comparing the top crusher suppliers (below)


(For crushing ALL types of oil filters & containers up to 24" high & 9.75" diameter - mining, truck, off-road, construction, industrial, and other large equipment.) Our "combo" crusher allows you to crush all sized filters in One model - big savings!