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You’ve come to the right place to purchase top quality auto and truck oil filter crushers with all the features you’ll need for efficient, safe, dependable and quick operation – at the lowest prices on the internet. (See the comparison of top suppliers. crusher comparison)




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(for filters up to 8.5" high & 6" diameter)


(for all types of filters up to 13.5" high & 9.75" diameter) This is a combo model that can crush all filters-auto to large filters in one crusher, so big savings! See study comparing the top crusher suppliers (below)


(For crushing ALL types of oil filters & containers up to 24" high & 9.75" diameter - mining, truck, off-road, construction, industrial, and other large equipment.) Our "combo" crusher allows you to crush all sized filters in One model - big savings!

Shipping on all orders will have a freight charge added to the order from Calumet, MI to the shipping destination unless the customer arranges the shipping.

NOTE: Our prices are low because we are the manufacturer, we have all the parts readily available & provide whatever service you may need.



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We’re the Oil Filter Crusher Specialists!

Filter crushers are the only product we sell so you can rely on us to provide the best solution to your oil filter disposal needs.

For over 20 years, Magnum Force crushers have proven their outstanding performance because they are:

Dependable -Heavy gauge steel construction & chrome drive shafts, built for long lasting operation

Trouble-free – Air powered (pneumatic) uses shop air - saves on maintenance costs by avoiding typical problems with motors, pumps, fluids, & electrical issues; only 3 moving parts

Quick – takes only 10-15 seconds to crush a filter

Savings – cuts your disposal costs by up to 75-80% due to lower waste volume (crushes filters down to 1/4 - 1/5 of original size) and converts into scrap metal and recyclable oil

Safe – protects your employees from injury because of our unique safety features, saving costs of workers' compensation and downtime

Clean disposal – oil drains cleanly from bottom of crusher into your container or through a hose you can attach to our fitting under the crusher

Powerful – crushing force of 20,000 lbs (Auto) and 49,000 lbs (Truck)

Ready to go – fully assembled and pre-tested prior to shipment

Lowest cost – including FREE SHIPPING!


Are You having problems with Goverment Regulations? See how we can help (click Here)


To make the best decision on purchasing an oil filter crusher, consider these critical factors:

1. Quality

  • Will it provide dependable trouble-free operation?
  • Does it have a long track record of performance?
  • Is it powerful – what is its crushing force?
  • Is it safe?
  • Does it operate quickly?
        Some crushers take 25-40 seconds or more per filter.
  • Is it backed by a warranty?

2. Cost

  • Is it the lowest purchase price available?
  • What is the cost of shipping?
        Due to a crusher's weight, shipping can be very expensive.
  • Are there any hidden costs for handling, etc?
  • Will it operate economically and fast?


Magnum Force crushers are designed not only for efficiency but also for the safety of your employees. We consider safety so important that we have devoted exceptional effort to develop a unique design to prevent any injury. Our manual interlocking system makes it impossible to start the crusher - either accidentally or intentionally - while the door is open. This has resulted in a safety record second to none.

Magnum Force crushers will protect your employees’ safety and well-being, as well as save costs on workers' compensation and prevent lost time from accidents.

Unlike electrical filter crushers, with Magnum Force crushers there is no danger of fire hazard and there are no switches or buttons that can malfunction and allow operation with the door open.


Governmental agencies can classify used filters as hazardous waste that requires expensive disposal. Disposal of filters without discharging residual oil by 24 hour hot draining or crushing carries severe consequences from both federal and local governments. Using Magnum Force filter crushers will allow you to avoid serious governmental actions and costs. It will also provide an environmentally safe solution to oil filter disposal and show that you are a good corporate citizen.

Let’s face it – getting rid of your oil filters is a bothersome by-product of your business that you’d rather not have to spend time or money on. However because of governmental regulations and environmental concerns, plus the need to get rid of the filters, you’ve got to deal with it.

Magnum Force crushers are your best solution for getting rid of your oil filters economically, efficiently, safely and in an environmentally-friendly manner!

By using filter crushers you are demonstrating your interest in protecting the environment by facilitating the recycling of filters & oil.



Looking for the best buy?

See the Study comparing oil filter crushers. It provides data on prices & key features of major brands & models, including John Dow, Gray, BJ Enterprises, Oberg, OTC (SPX), Ben Pearson, Crushmaster Tire Service, Gray, Hercules, Uniram & Magnum Force.

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